i’m Chuck “Doc” McGrew — AKA Retro Roleplayer. I’ve been playing tabletop and computer role-playing games and gamebooks off and on for more than four decades. Along the way, I’ve designed a few of my own like Don’t Look Back (DLB) the paranormal / conspiracy horror RPG that’s a best seller on DriveThruRPG and was once voted as one of the top 50 games of all time.

My “other” career, family, and all that nasty responsibility stuff pulled me away from the hobby for several years but I am finally at a point where I have a little time and a bucket list of game projects I’ve been working on for decades. This site is the digital home to all of that as well as a place I can highlight other games I like, and a soapbox where I share my thoughts on random related and sometimes unrelated things. I hope you find some of this useful, thought-invoking, or at least humorous.