Maybe you’re a reporter digging into something your editor tells you not to. You could be a government agent debunking reports of an alien conspiracy. Perhaps you and your friends are camping when you stumble into a demonic ceremony. You thought you covered your tracks. Nobody could have known you were there. Right? Maybe that static on your phone is just the weather. Maybe that white van with blacked out windows is just the cable company. Maybe…

Welcome to a world of government conspiracies, secret societies, psychic phenomena, aliens, and supernatural horror. Players take the roles of characters who are trying to uncover the truth, foil secret plots, or simply trying to get away with their lives. Who knows? They just might be recruited to help one of the secret societies fighting to save mankind.


  • 5 minute (or less) character creation
  • Insanely easy game mechanics
  • Example creatures covering everything from ghosts and demons to brain-sucking aliens and lactose-intolerant flesh-eating amoebas (and lots of others).
  • 4 example characters
  • 2 complete adventures

This new edition of the critically acclaimed tabletop RPG uses a customized version of Lester Smith’s D6xD6 rules and is fully compatible with all of the other D6xD6 games, settings, and adventures.

Available by clicking here at DriveThruRPG!

Don’t Look Back 3rd Edition contains everything you need to play in this dark modern world of aliens, monsters, and conspiracies (except a couple regular six-sided dice).

Files and Bonus Material

Full-page Character Sheet

Quick Start (Coming Soon)

Special Thanks

The new edition of Don’t Look Back was made possible through the generous support of our Kickstarter backers. This is a special thank you to our amazing supporters! These AWESOME people helped make this new edition of Don’t Look Back a reality. I can’t thank them enough. If you happen to recognize someone by name please give them a big “thank you” as well. In addition to pledging their hard-earned cash, they provided support, encouragement and amazing feedback.

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